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Wednesday 27 March 2019

Club Event

5K in the Park 6:00 pm (One hour)

Lovelock Track  

The SMITHS SPORTS SHOES OWAI 5K IN THE PARK SUMMER SERIES runs every Wednesday night from October 2018 through to March 2019 with a Christmas break in between. There are two events to choose from, the 5k in the Park Run (two 2.5km laps) and the 2.5km Run & Walk event (one 2.5km lap) catering for different abilities and age grades.

Club Event

Summer Athletics 6:00 pm (One hour)

Summer Athletics is held at our clubrooms at Lovelock Track.

Each night the children are divided into two groups, and then sub groups based on age and gender:

• Halberg Squad (Under 7s) - The younger children’s activities will include running (up to 25 metres), long jump, and a range of other run/jump/throw activities designed to develop body movement and coordination skills.

• Snell Squad (7-10 year olds) - activities for this age group will include running (progressing from 50 metres, dependant on age (jumping (long and high jump, depending on age) and throwing (discus, shot put). The programme is based on the excellent Run, Jump Throw with training and resources provided by Athletics New Zealand.

• Lydiard Squad (11s and over) - older children's activities are based on the all weather track and include technical instruction suitable for the age group across all track and field activities. Coach Murray Cumberpatch, ex NZ sprint champion, guides this group along with Sydney Morrow

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